Note No. 116

Why don’t you drink some of this detergent; I can shake you up real good afterwards.

Note No. 115

Everything is pretty much a blur.

Note No. 114

You can’t imagine yourself belonging. It’s probably because you like to play this game of isolation. “Lets see who can find me,” is what you often say to yourself. It’s a quiet place… Continue reading

Note No. 113

November 14, 2014 I think you’re full of bullshit.


How do you guys handle anxiety? =/

Sherman Alexie

Grammar cops are rarely good writers. Imagination always disobeys.

Note No. 108

Indirectly direct Feelings connect, sometimes Day fantasizing of the possibilities Wanting them to be reality Being passive and patient Doesn’t mix too well, I think


I should be researching and reviewing dissertation abstracts- but I think I’ve exhausted my brain for the day. I woke up early to get homework out of the way before dance practice then… Continue reading

Back to School

I began school this past Wednesday- I almost had a panic attack right before class. I don’t know why … I just got really nervous and all the anxieties I’ve had for the… Continue reading


You must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. ~ Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams