Short but major update–

I will be teaching this school year- wish me luck. I have my first meeting with the English department this Friday. Woosah. Hope it goes well. I am nervous.

I forgot this existed.

I’ll try harder-

Lauren Slater

I think you can hold out for only so long. I think secretly each and every one of us longs to fall, and knows in a deep wise place in our dreams that… Continue reading

Lost Post

I swore I posted a few days ago but something happened and it’s not showing up … Or is it? Anyways- this will be a micro post of that post. I went to… Continue reading


I had a mental breakdown earlier today- I saw it coming. I’m not ready to talk about it yet and maybe by the time I am ready it’ll sound silly.

Note No. 126

So many things to say and so many places to begin.

Note No. 121

Patiently waiting- or maybe my patience is waiting. Waiting for composure’s finality; we’ll see.

Note No. 120

My heart hurts-

Note No. 119

A self-deprecating mess of simplicity.

Pablo Picasso

It takes a very long time to become young.