Reading HW [X] — Currently reading Troilus and Criseyde. More Reading [X] — Finished reading an article on Louise Erdrich’s novel Tracks (I am about halfway through- it’s one of the books I need to… Continue reading


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! I will finally begin teaching! I’m just trying to remember to breathe … Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight too. I keep telling myself to relax but I just… Continue reading


Six. Six days left until my first day of teaching! School starts on Thursday but since I don’t have class on Thursdays or Fridays I won’t officially start the fall quarter until next… Continue reading

Now Playing: Foo Fighters – Walk

OKAY- I have about 2 weeks left until school starts! Technically 3 weeks since I don’t have any classes in week 1 that’ll meet including the class I am teaching. That sounds so… Continue reading

it’s Thursday.

That moment you realize you’ve read the limited amount of articles from the NYT … Yeah that happened to me this morning; actually, I don’t even know if there is a limited number… Continue reading

Thought I’d share this.

Commit to self-love <3 <3 <3 Good Vibes Only.

late Wednesday night.

It’s Wednesday- late in the evening to be exact. I am currently looking at different hair styles. I really need to cut my hair because it’s super dead (I haven’t had a haircut… Continue reading


I am currently experiencing a strong desire to travel. I haven’t really explored new destinations or foreign places. I also feel like this is the perfect time to travel. And by time I… Continue reading

Short but major update–

I will be teaching this school year- wish me luck. I have my first meeting with the English department this Friday. Woosah. Hope it goes well. I am nervous.

I forgot this existed.

I’ll try harder-